God’s hand is upon The Women at the Well Outreach Ministry. With much prayer, the leadership committee of The Women at the Well Outreach Ministries selects 4 – 6 women a year to partake in this wonderful WAW Experience that is never to be forgotten. The chosen canidates will receive a letter of acceptance from our ministry along with an application giving us as much information about them as possible to make their stay accommodating. They are invited to go away for two nights and three days at a peaceful location (All expenses paid). Expenses will included, Airline tickets (if necessary), room and board, food and tickets to a show or theme park.
We will have a whole itinerary set up to so that each candidate will get the most out of their stay. Some of the things we do include bible study, prayer, walks, swimming, horseback riding, games, pampering, relaxation and personal quiet time to reflect. This is WAW’s 4th year and each time it gets better and better. Most of our previous candidates have stated that they went home feeling, refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to tell others like the Women at the Well “Come see a Man who told me all things about me, could this be the Christ?” If one has never had an encounter with our Lord and Saviour Jesus, they certainly will at this WAW retreat! Jesus has been meeting us at the Well each time, and each time we have came home strengthened and empowered by God’s grace.

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